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NYC Tour Sept 1-5 + Introducing My Double Domme Friends

Hello all! I'm finally back from two long weeks of driving across Europe. I've deeply enjoyed myself relaxing in the south of France, swimming in the beaches of Barcelona, hiking through the Alps, engaging in unspeakable acts in Berlin fetish parties, and boating through the Amsterdam canals. Now's the time to settle in and get back to what I do best: tormenting you.

I'm starting off September with a bang by taking sessions in NYC from September 1-5. I will also be back on late October. Yes, I know. I couldn't stay away from NYC long. I told you all I'd be back soon. Regulars, you know how to reach Me. Newbies, read through My Booking Guide and fill out the form on My Serve Me page.

Speaking of New York City and Dominatrixes, let me introduce you to My friends in the Big Apple...


Meet My Scene Partners


Everything's better in twos. Or threes. Or fours. You get the point. The thing is, there's nothing more fun for Me than to share the joy in your torment with friends. I've cultivated strong relationships with very talented and smart Dommes all across the board. Get to know who they are...

Mistress Una

"I am a tall and statuesque lifestyle domina with exotic features, fair skin, and unconventional thinking. Originally from Europe, with a highly educated, worldly, and open-minded point of view combined with high principles, refinement, and manners. My soft-spoken and effortlessly dominant style that mixes elegance, cruelty, passion, and composure will leave you breathless and craving for much, much more."

Check out Mistress Una's website here.

Mistress Roxanne

"I am a masterpiece. I am a complex woman who is comprised of multitudes of perversions gifted with adept hands and a twisted mind. My fit body packs legions of play styles. I am a strict yet nurturing sadist. At times I'm sensual, playful, manipulative, teasing, or bullying. I know what I want and just how to get it. I know what you need and just when to give or withhold it."

Check out Mistress Roxanne's website here.

Mistrix Sade

"I am a sophisticated Alpha Femme based in New York City with a penchant for sadism, subversion, psychology, and undermining taboos. I am sharp, decadent,intoxicating, and quick to laughter. I take the deepest pleasure in carving your flesh, masterfully turning you inside out, feeding you blunt, necessary medicine, and drinking up your vexed state only to concoct and deliver you the most delicious mindfuck."

Check out Mistrix Sade's website here.

Mistress Justine

"When you see how sweet I am, you’ll unwittingly open yourself to Me without knowing the terror I’ll later strike in you. You will grow frigid with fear as My joyous laugh penetrates your ears. You’ll get whiplash from this alone. The juxtaposition of sweetness with striking sadism will leave you reeling with a sense of desperation, an appetite that will make you ache, and gradually you will become obsessed. You will be my docile body, bending at my will, your efforts exploited for my pleasure."

Contact Mistress Justine at

Mistrexx Mars

"Before anything else, I am a creator. I am a sculptor, a photographer, a filmmaker, a writer, and a builder of worlds. I consider domination an extension of my artistic practice. A scene with me is a transformative process; your body is not only a canvas for colorful bruises and delicate scratches, it is also a sculpture-in-progress. Through objectification, creative role-play, and your ultimate trust and submission, I will transform you into something transcendent, something beyond-human."

Check out Mistrexx Mars's website here.

Amazon Charlie Kicks

"At 6’3” barefoot, I’ve always had a knack for intimidating people around me. Now, as a FemDom, I am exactly where I belong. I have ample lifestyle BDSM experience plus first-hand training in gender transformations at Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, the world’s first crossdressing academy (founded in the 1990s). I am sadistic yet nurturing, sexy yet silly, and very open-minded. I truly enjoy what I do and welcome respectful submissives, masochists, fetishists, role players, and sissies to come and play."

Check out Amazon Charlie Kicks's website here.

Mistrix Octavian

"My favorite activities are heavy corporal punishment, electric tens, and latex/leather bondage. I would describe my domming style as a sensually sadistic mind fucker. My vanilla passions are analog photography, filmmaking, djing, history, occultism, and ancient deities."

Apply to serve Mistrix Octavian here.

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