"I am ___. Will that exclude me from seeing you?"

I do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, ethnicity, etc. However I proudly discriminate against those who have a problem with any of the latter mentioned.

"Do you do ____?"

Most likely. If it is something within My limits, I am more than happy to explore it with you. I am a new Dominatrix, so new fantasies and fetishes help keep Me on My toes! If what you request is something that I am not comfortable with, I can recommend you another Domme.

"I wanna see if we have chemistry first."

No problem. I provide phone and text consultations through SextPanther. If you wish to meet in person, we may consult over lunch for a tribute of $100. 

"I'm a beginner and I'm nervous!"

That's okay, we all start somewhere! I am also a bit of a newbie myself, just with a little more practice. I don't have a singular "Domme Mode", I adapt to you and personalize our session accordingly, so no need to fret!

"How equipped is your space?"

My space is equipped with just the right materials for most sessions such as restraints, paddles, chains, rope, floggers, gags, etc, as well as a spanking bench, bed, and restraint points. If you desire for a more elaborate session, I also use Mistress Odette's dungeon, which is lavishly equipped with a greater variety of toys and furniture. It includes a medical examination room, a heavy duty spanking bench, cage, bondage bed, and the toys are countless. You name it, it's there.

"How can I please you?"

Your fill out My form.


You are clear and concise in your communication.

You go straight to the point and don't waste My time.

You cover both deposit and dungeon fee without complaints or haggling.

You are on time, clean, and respectful.

"But what if I want to 'wow' you?"

You could purchase a giftcard from either Fetters or Libidex, or donate to Coordinadora Paz Para la Mujer. 

Or all three.

Preferably all three.

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