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spoil me

Mistrix deserves best.


I was raised with the old-school ideal of leaving a good first impression with a small detail, and I still honor it. For first-time devotees, I recommend gifting Me a book (see My book list here!) and/or fine chocolates before or upon O/our first meeting.

I accept a wide array of offerings, however, My personal favorites include books, latex clothing, bondage equipment, and music equipment. To facilitate the task of providing Me with an offering, you may visit My Wishlist on Throne.

I accept gift cards from FettersLibidex, Mr. B, Sephora, and Anoeses.


I am an avid opera enthusiast, therefore gift cards for the Metropolitan Opera are greatly appreciated. I also enjoy the ballet and would equally appreciate gift cards to the Boston Ballet.


I also deeply appreciate donating to My favorite social justice organizations in My name (V.Félix). My favorite organizations are:

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