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A professional dominatrix wearing latex gloves that is holding up a Wartenberg Wheel

know me:

You seek a Domina with an open mind and soul. She approaches your desires as an exciting game filled with marvelous twists and revels in every moment that is spent with you. She leaves you hanging on Her words, toying with your mind. Your heart races as you wonder what She will do next, and with every passing second, you desperately yearn more for Her touch. The distant clicking of heels, the scent of leather and sweat permeating the air. Nothing else exists. You are now merely a puppet in Her shadowplay.


You’re curious now, aren’t you? Let Me elaborate further: sensual Dominant female, libertine, sadist, and psychosexual reprogrammer. Before becoming a Boston and New York City Dominatrix, I trained at a conservatory as a classical singer, therefore I’m very familiar with discipline and theatricality. At the beginning of My career in 2018, I was trained by My friends who were Medical Mistresses, Leather Dominas, and Latex Fetishists in Austin, Texas, providing Me with an expansive fetish vocabulary that I apply quite skillfully to My sessions. A lover of people and travel, I have Dominated many: men, women, non-binary folks, trans people, gender-nonconforming people, and more, throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and South America. 


I am a very visual creature, the type that enjoys watching the helplessness that pours over your face while you struggle in bondage, the symmetry of your marks, the mixture of pain and desire that reflects in your eyes. In between every moment of cruelty, there is a tenderness that lies within My touch, My soft voice guiding you through. Will you take more for Me?

Of course, you will.

august 12

height: 5'6


shoe:  US 8 ​

tattoos: none

electronic music, contemporary art, literature,  sexology, travel


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