A professional dominatrix wearing latex gloves that is holding up a Wartenberg Wheel

know me:

You seek a Domina with an open mind and soul.

She leaves you hanging on Her words, playing with your mind. Your heart races as you wonder what She is going to do next, and desperately yearn more for Her touch with every second that passes. The distant clicking of heels, the scent of leather and sweat permeating the air. Nothing else exists. You are now merely a toy in Her shadowplay. With Me, I am your eyes and the mirror. I will bend your mind, and your body will follow.


Although new to New York City, I have 3 years of experience as a Dominatrix, therefore I will use you with great skill. My style is highly sensual,

well-paced, and playful with a sadistic twist. As My devotee, you will be an active collaborator in O/our scenes, and if you surprise Me with creative and twisted ideas, I will embrace them with great enthusiasm.

I seek a subject, not an object: a loyal devotee who is ready to open their world, who is symbiotic and participant. If that is you, I allow you to offer yourself: your trust, your vulnerability, and your intimacy. Lose yourself in My eyes, and sink deeper under My spell. 

august 10

height: 5'6


shoe:  US 8 ​

tattoos: none

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