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"The sacred world depends on limited acts of transgression."
—Georges Bataille

You seek a Domina with an open mind and soul. She approaches your desires as an exciting game filled with marvelous twists and turns. She leaves you hanging on Her words, toying with your mind. With every passing second, you desperately yearn more for Her touch. You hear the distant clicking of heels as you stand immobile, frozen in time. The scent of latex and sweat permeates the air. Nothing else exists. You are merely a puppet in Her shadowplay.


You’re curious now, aren’t you? Let Me elaborate further: sensual Dominant femme, libertine, sadist, and psychosexual reprogrammer. Before becoming a Boston Dominatrix, I trained at a conservatory as a classical singer, therefore I’ve been very familiar with discipline and theatricality for a good portion of My life. My career began in 2018, when I was taught by My queer friends who were Medical Mistresses, Leather Dominas, and Latex Fetishists in Austin, Texas. They provided Me with an expansive fetish vocabulary that I apply quite skillfully to My sessions. After  Texas, I moved to New York City, where I worked full-time at a legendary Manhattan dungeon. When I closed that chapter in 2022 I settled in Boston, Massachusetts, and opened My own private space:((O)) Studio.

Many have asked Me: "Do you enjoy this?" and My answer will always be: of course! I am a queer lifestyle Domina who not only engages in this art as a profession but on a personal level as well. My personal practice nourishes My professional practice and vice-versa. I am an experimentalist at heart— always excited to see what new experiences I can encounter next.


I am a very visual creature, the type that enjoys watching the helplessness that pours over your face while you struggle in bondage. I want to see the symmetry of your marks, the mixture of pain and desire that reflects in your eyes. In between every moment of cruelty, there is a tenderness that lies within My touch, My soft voice guiding you through. Will you take more for Me?

Of course, you will.

Frank (Boston,MA)

"Now that my brain has settled down, I just wanted to say Studio ((O))
was a perfect setting for [Violeta] to cast [Her] spell. Wow, the classic architecture, the indirect sunlight, the warm but utilitarian feel and those mirrored cabinets filled with the unique tools of [Her] craft. They are hidden until they appear with a worrying level of meticulous organization inducing both fear and anticipation. I had never experienced either ropes nor latex. It was a transcendent experience, and administered artfully, in fact so artfully I am afraid quite addictive. An amazing journey involving many firsts for me, including meeting [Her]."

August 12


US 8


personal interests:
Electronic Music, Arthouse Films, Contemporary Art, Sexology, Travel

( some) favorite music:
Aphex Twin, Brk, DAF, Depeche Mode, Spinetta, Cocteau Twins, Kraftwerk, Parálisis Permanente

( some) favorite films:
Diva, Mauvais Sang, Starstruck, Paprika, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, The Color of Pomegranates, Party Girl

( some) favorite art:
Pipilotti Rist, Nan Goldin, Bob Flanagan, Man Ray,
Cindy Sherman, Ron Athey, Artemisia Gentileschi, Tadanori Yokoo

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