know me:

You seek a Domina with an open mind and soul. She is not cynical, but fresh and lively: She smiles mischievously after every strike and playfully laughs as you struggle in bondage.

She approaches your desires as an exciting game filled with marvelous twists and turns, who revels in every moment that is spent with you.


Although new to New York, I have 3 years of experience as a Dominatrix. My style can be described as highly sensual, well-paced, and playful with a sadistic twist. I see My devotees as active collaborators in O/our scenes, and whenever they surprise Me with new creative and twisted ideas, I embrace them with great enthusiasm. However, don’t mistake My youth for innocence. I like doing this because I am a very perverted and wicked creature.

Before landing in New York City I lived on the sunny island of Puerto Rico, where I was born and raised. Despite being brought up in a very liberal household, I've always felt these desires that were very uncommon among My peers. Some would say I was strange, others would say I was sick, and a few have said that I was possessed. The Catholic environment of My culture intended to repress Me, yet it made Me more perverse. Diving headfirst into the Taboo thrills Me to no end.

My Puerto Rican roots can be seen in My features: from my wide, undulating hips, to My dark hair and piercing honey-brown eyes, I emanate an effortless beauty that was cultivated in the warmth of the Caribbean sun. I describe My body as Berniniesque: soft and voluptuous, with gentle dips in its contours, and a silhouette that conjures the divine.

I seek a subject, not an object: a loyal devotee who is ready to open their world to new earthly delights, who is symbiotic and participant. If that is you, I allow you to offer yourself: your trust, your vulnerability, and your intimacy. 

To surrender is to be free, but to do it alone is to be lost. With Me, I am your eyes and the mirror, so you can put down your hands and see the better person you can become.



height: 5'6


shoe:  US 8 ​

tattoos: none

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