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Boston, Massachusetts Professional Dominatrix

to break is to be free.

You are here because you seek a true Dominant Femme with a vision. You need someone that will lead you through the right path: to transform you into a version of yourself that you would have never imagined yourself to be. To be Her malleable object of changing shapes, a canvas to be enriched with the most beautiful colors. Allow Me to bring you to form: I've been practicing the art of BDSM as a professional Dominatrix since 2018, later establishing My Domme practice here in Boston, MA. I practice Female Domination because I am a firm believer in the transformative and cathartic power of psychodrama, symbolism, fetishistic desire, and surrender. I love manipulating minds as much as I like manipulating bodies. 


latex lover

I adore the feeling of rubber on My body. Ever since I was a teenager, I was fascinated by the look of latex and how it envelops the body's every curve like a second skin. I count on a growing collection of latex garments that includes catsuits, corsets, gloves, stockings, and more. Take a peek at My gallery to view some of My latex outfits.

come play.

Discipline, fetish, and elegant cruelty. This is the language that I speak and your body will hold My scripture. Are you worthy of being My toy and servant? Do you have what it takes to show true devotion through your mind, body, and heart?

Come to Me, and I'll shape you into My ideal.

I session exclusively in My private fetish studio located within Boston. 

A steel anal speculum opening up a rose.

medical fetish

Let Me examine parts of yourself that you have never explored before. With My variety of unorthodox procedures, I will transform you, inside and out. Cold metal against skin, the smell of alcohol as an aphrodisiac. From a young age, I've enjoyed the comforting distance of the Doctor's office. Find out more about My love and approach to Medical Fetish, as well as musings on other fantasies as well as updates on My blog.

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