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The Joys Of Medical Play

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

When I was a child, I would always ask My parents when was the next time I would go to the doctor again. Not because I was sick or in pain, I just really loved going to the doctor. It was My favorite activity. Waiting in anticipation for My name to be called out as I sat in the mint green waiting room, the excitement I felt as soon as it was My turn to enter, My childlike glee increasing as I was getting My vitals taken. The squeeze of the blood pressure machine, standing as erect as I could while I got My height taken, seeing the slow, hypnotic see-saw motion of the metallic beam as it settled on My weight. I enter her office. I sit on the paper-lined examination table, taking in the clean sterile scent of My environment, basking in the quiet stillness. Her metallic cabinet gleamed as the warm sunlight reflected in from her tall windows. On it, there were her tools: the otoscope and ophthalmoscope, a reflex hammer, a glass jar of tongue depressors, other ones with alcohol pads, gauze, and band-aids, neatly organized little treasures that I wish I could play with. What was going to happen this time?

Finally, after all this waiting, she steps in with a warm, welcoming smile. My heart rate increases as she puts the cold steel of her stethoscope against My warm chest. I want her to use all of the tools in her cabinet, I want to see what they do. She squeezes around My torso. She asks: “How does this feel?”, I reply: “It feels good.” She puts her hand under My shirt, gently laying her palm over My bare back. “Take a deep breath”, she says. I take the biggest breath that My little lungs could handle, feeling My back expand as I felt the coolness of her hand. It was unlike My mother’s touch, it was a touch that I had never felt before. It felt cold and detached, yet caring. It was a sensation I sought over and over again.

And that’s how I became a medical fetishist.

At 22, there was no way I was going to be making arbitrary Doctor’s appointments, but I still felt an indescribable pleasure when being in a doctor’s office. Thankfully, I was introduced to the wonderful world of medical fetishism by My friend, Mistress Odette. I was in awe at all the procedures she could do, and deeply envied her vast collection of medical instruments. She was trained by her submissives that just so happened to be doctors, as well as Her nurse friends. She demonstrated a deep love and dedication for the craft, therefore, she was very excited to pass on Her knowledge to Me and I was ravenous for anything She could teach Me.

One of the first things She taught Me was urethral sounding, and I learned that the preparation for the procedure could be just as much of a turn-on as the procedure itself: building up anticipation as I lay the paper liner on the metal tray, carefully opening the alcohol pads, the iodine swab, and the sounds from their sterile packets as My bottom looks on. It’s so hot! She always emphasized cleanliness and safety, so She taught Me the aseptic technique in great detail. Ever since then I strictly uphold it, especially since I am dealing with bodily fluids and delicate body parts. However, it’s far from a chore for Me because I get turned on by putting on examination gloves and the scent of alcohol.

I learned a handful of other procedures not just for Domming, but My own. Besides Domming, I do performance art. I visualized a piece inspired by the painting “La suerte de la cuerda” by Puerto Rican artist Osiris Delgado, where I would thread red string through My fingers and arms, slowly entangling My entire body. To execute the exact image I envisioned I had to learn piercing play, so I reached out to another Domme friend of Mine, Letharia. They carefully instructed Me along the way, as well as advising Me to get a bloodborne pathogens certification so I am properly trained in handling blood and sharps. In addition to that, they sent supplementary reading to make sure I can take notes and make sure that all the bases are covered. Doing procedures on Myself gave Me deeper insight into what My bottoms are experiencing and helps Me learn what sensations can be safely explored as well as gauging the amount of time that I can perform the procedure and leave My bottoms in these stressful positions.

I trained in a variety of other procedures as well, such as catheterization, enemas, stapling, saline injections, and cutting. Each one was taught with extreme care and detail. After My in-person lessons, I made sure to follow up by studying anatomical diagrams and looking up additional sources of information regarding the procedures that I performed. I want to make sure everything’s right and in order!

Of course, the environment is everything in a medical fetish scene. It is one of the most theatrical fetishes out there. I love using a gyno table, placing My subject’s feet in the stirrups to ensure they’re properly exposed to Me as I inspect them. Another wonderful and underrated instrument that I love to use is the magnifying lamp which gives Me a better view of the procedure I am executing as well as creating an invasive, objectifying feeling in My subject.

Now, with the proper knowledge, tools, and preparation, I am ready to face you, My patient. You lie naked on the examination table, the cold air falling heavy on your bare skin, the faint scent of alcohol lingering in the room. You sit in the same quiet stillness that I so cherished in My younger years, admiring the cabinets full of mysterious steel implements. Anticipation, and a bit of fear, build up in your chest as you wonder what will the Doctor have in store today. The door creaks open, my pair of heels softly clicking. I enter the room. Depending on the day, I could be dressed in full latex regalia complete with a hood, gloves, and a tall pair of shiny boots, or I can be dressed in a vintage cotton nurse dress, or dressed as a femme fatale in a lab coat. Today I picked the latter. I am wearing a satin blouse with a fitted short skirt, complete with stockings and heels. My skin peeks through the sheerness of My stockings, My heels, sharp as they can be, elongate My sculpted legs. You sneak a peek at My legs, but scanning upwards and seeing My coat, you remember where you are, and what is your position. You are My patient, I am your Doctor. You will listen attentively and behave respectfully, as I am the one that knows what’s best for you. Now sit still, and let Me assess you.

Make your intake appointment here.

-Mistrix Violeta



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