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The Scent Of A Femme

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I may be an Amazon, but I have a very delicate body. My skin is terribly sensitive, and even the slightest whiff of perfume sends me into a sneezing fit. I never use products with fragrances, and the delicate nature of My skin also prevents Me from shaving My underarms. Therefore, I am left with My natural, uncorrupted scent: a powdery soft yet deeply elegant aroma that seeps of pheromones. For the scent fetishist, this is a match made in heaven.

Throughout My life, I never cared much about other people's opinions, instead I opt for subverting expectations and pushing societal boundaries. Embracing My body hair was one of the first steps I took to appreciate alternative forms of beauty, and to my delight, many others also took notice.

Armpit, armpit fetish, scent fetish, dominatrix, domina
Oh nothing, just stretching!

Nothing excites Me more than to have a pet worship My under arms, letting themselves get intoxicated by its heavenly aroma. To even be close to such a Divine Being such as Myself is indeed a privilege, but to be awarded such a gift in a blessing. Are you a scent fetishist? Do you think you could prove yourself enough to earn this experience?


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