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Musings of A New Domina

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Austin Dominatrix, Austin Domme, Latina Dominatrix, Austin Bondage
Contemplating on what's to come...

I am very grateful for landing here in this city. No, really.

Back home in Puerto Rico, there isn't much of a BDSM scene, not even a single dungeon. I remember in My first sexual experiences putting lots of emphasis on communication, specifically on what fantasies did My partner have (I learned it from listening to a lot of Madonna). They would be caught off guard by the question, but pleased to be considered in that way. They would ponder for a moment, only to reply with: "I guess I don't have any. I'm fine with what we're doing now." I remember always feeling a sense of mild disappointment: "Is this all that sex is? Really? This is what people sacrifice relationships and empires for?"

"Why would you make a whole career based on this dumb activity? I feel betrayed, Madonna."

It wasn't until I was introduced to kink here in Austin that I really started to truly find Myself not only as a sexual being, but as a young woman. Domination propelled me to feel more confident about Myself and My body in ways that no boring pedantic boyfriend ever would. I found that spark within Myself, instead of seeking it out in the validation of others. I feel that that is a very important step.

Kink allowed Me to find community and bond with friends, and due to the communicative nature of what BDSM is, I have found the most attentive and caring people I have ever met in My life. For that I am deeply grateful, and what a privilege it is to find such a group of individuals.❤ Not to mention all the hot, fun, and messy experiences I have been in will definitely be something that will put a smile on my face even when I'm an aging grandma with fake teeth.

With that said, I am propelled to make this My life; I don't want to limit Myself to a close group of young college kids and twenty somethings, I want to experience kinksters from all walks of life. I want to absorb as much as possible: every elaborate fantasy, every obscure fetish, every single instrument that could be possibly used. Right now I am studying in college because I crave for knowledge and experience, and doing Domination professionally is another education that I lose Myself entirely in. Every person is their own world, and I love to study each individual with attentive detail, almost like a scientist studies their subject.

With that said, are you willing to guide Me? Are you willing to uncover a new world for an eager student such as Myself? If so, I welcome you wholeheartedly. I look forward to go through this journey with you.

Now I see what Madonna was going on about.



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