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Goddex Month

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

As we enter Virgo season and welcome a month full of renewal and reorganization, let's look back at this wonderful birthday month. I have to start off with thanking and congratulating My dearest pets, that have played and spoiled Me to no end all through August. From fine boots, champagne and lavish dinners, you definitely know how to treat your Lion Goddex right, and I only expect better behavior from you.

Besides material gifts, I deeply appreciate the gifts of experience: boot worship, Spanish domination, elaborate feminization scenes, sadistic ball busting, and even tender initiations of those of you who are beginning to wander into this world. For those of you that have played with Me this month: I look forward to use your bodies once again as my canvases of senses, my playthings, my providers of wonder. Knowing that you are willing to take the next step to further be My obedient servants who offer not only your bodies, but your time and service as a token, fills Me with great satisfaction and appreciation. I want to transform you into the best version of yourselves that you can become, in which you learn through your service how to project a more generous and caring human in your own day-to-day realities. You will see that through being patient, and putting work, love, and intention into each action that you do, in O/our play and real life, rewards will inevitably come. However, it is without a doubt that in the end, life's ultimate reward is submitting to your Superior.

Showing off My first pair of boots, a generous gift from a loyal servant.

I hope that this new month is filled with many more new experiences, knowledge, and faithful servitude from you all. Keep up the good work, pets.




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