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Requests That I Love And Can Never Get Enough Of

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

There are two things I love in My play: variety and creativity. When I was introduced to the wonderful world of BDSM, I witnessed elaborate roleplay scenarios, strange and unusual tools, and exciting moments of psychological play. Here are some of My favorites:

Medical Play


Maybe it's the cold steel, maybe it's the rubber nurse outfits, or maybe it's the incredible feeling of invasiveness. Whatever it is, I love medical play! Needle play, stapling, sounding, check-ups, treatments, and so much more! Nothing excites Me more than strapping a patient down to a gyno table, putting on My latex examination gloves, and submit them to the tools and invasive treatments of My desire.

Elaborate Roleplays


Some of My favorite roleplay include Doctor/patient (see above), Alien/captured earthling, Researcher/guinea pig, and Vampire/victim, to name a few. When clients come to Me with an elaborate script for a roleplay, My mind goes into theatre actor mode and starts machinating the phrases, actions, and movements that I will perform. It makes Me reminisce about My opera and theatre days!

Rubber Fun


I'm a latex lover, that's for sure. Ever since I was a teenage goth kid, before I even had a remote idea about kink, I looooved, loved, loved latex, and couldn't wait until the day that I could get My hands on a garment. Fast forward to ten years later, and I am accumulating My own collection of latex pieces that I never get to show off enough. At the same time, I love it when My devotees wear latex during O/our play as well. There's something about the complete anonymity that a hood and catsuit brings, that makes it all the more exciting for Me. I also enjoy having My latex worshipped, shined, and polished, however that is an earned privilege. Are you willing to show that you're worthy of it?

Niche Fetishes


Nothing's too weird in My book. I love unique and particular fetishes, the more specific they are, the better! I'll never forget the devotee that wanted Me to go to a barbershop dressed in full leather to get My head shaved. He later wanted Me to do it again, but dressed as a 50's housewife! It's so fun and exciting for Me to think about how I'll compose a session revolving around certain fetishes: will I encase the pantyhose fetishist inside his beloved fetish item? How long can My nail polish fetishist hold on while I taunt him with the smell of My OPI bottle? One of the most fun games, indeed.

Emotional Masochism


I look at humiliation and degradation from a deep level of understanding. I am not someone that will just call you a "loser", give you the finger, and then call it a night. Humiliation, as recognized as it is, sometimes being (wrongly) assumed to be the main aspect of BDSM, is one of the most difficult kinks to execute. Emotional masochism requires a deep understanding of an individual's psyche, from knowing what their limits and emotional triggers are, to what is actually humiliating to them. I love creating elaborate scenarios that are deeply embarrassing for My bottom: from dressing them up in silly clothes, pelting food at them, making them act like an absolute clown for My amusement, it's all an offering of their vulnerability to Me. I accept them as they are even if they're at their most ridiculous, and they accept Me at My cruelest.

Just Plain Ol' Masochism


What can I say? I'm a sadist. Nothing gets Me off more than the blood-curdling screams of My dear bottom. I love seeing how much more they can take, how they offer their pain to Me. Providing pain activates a sensuous energy in Me: in between the lashings, the sweat, and the endurance of it all, I slowly pace back at you and caress you tenderly, whispering into your ear, bringing you slowly back into earth as you gaze into My eyes, knowing that you're taken care of and safe. And then I'll hit you again.



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