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What you see when you video call Me.

Hello again.

Some states are opening up, and this includes Texas. I have a middle ground approach to this whole ordeal as I don't believe that businesses should start opening all willy-nilly when it has a bunch of COVID-19 cases, but at the same time I don't believe that the United States as a whole should be shut down for a year or until a vaccine is available (if it is ever available). The recommendation by WHO is that for a country (and in the case of a country as huge as the United States, a state) to reopen, the recommended positivity rate should be below 5% in order for it to be safe. I believe re-openings should vary by state: just because Iowa has an 8.3% positive rate, doesn't mean that New Mexico, who has a 3% positive rate, shouldn't open. Now, Texas is almost there... At 5.2%.

However, don't panic. The number of cases of COVID-19 in Travis county is 3,433 and the population of Travis county is 1,273,954. That's 0.27%! Again, as I mentioned before: almost there. With that said, I understand if some of you are still exercising caution, for which I highly encourage you to try out these available options:

NiteFlirt|$2.99/min: My newest obsession! I've been working hard on making graphics and content for My listing, and I want to drive My rating up! This website is a classic for a reason, so go on and give Me a call.

Cam sessions|$4.00/min: You can purchase a cam session directly from Me or through NiteFlirt, however I -highly- recommend getting it directly from Me, that way I get 100% the earnings and there's no awkward middleman.

SextPanther|$1.25/message: If you prefer texting, I highly recommend SextPanther. I know the name is silly, but trust Me, this platform is THE BEST! You can send and receive photos and videos, and I love sending dirty pictures. I recommend it to anyone that wants to talk to Me both through text and phone.

I have a steady schedule that I abide to religiously, so you can be sure to catch Me between 12:30-8:30 pm CDT Monday-Friday on any of these platforms. Stay tuned to My Twitter for any updates! There are times I may not be logged on due to special circumstances, so check it out!


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