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Rate Increase Starting May 1st!

Last September was officially 1 year since I started working in Boston, and many things have changed in that short amount of time: I garnered an impressive collection of loyal submissives, performed in several kink events in town, taught a class, got involved with the community, and opened My own space. It’s been a lot (in a good way)!

I came into this world as a way to engage in a kind of labor that would be fruitful for Me, that nurtures My growth as an individual and does not sacrifice My time, body, and sense of self in the way that a lot of work does for young people today. I am grateful to call this My work. Without it, I would not have been able to achieve many personal dreams, take needed time off for illnesses or personal struggles, and achieve the freedom and joy that I have today. Lately, though, My plate has been awfully full.

I am no longer in the same place I was last year: I no longer rent from another dungeon or session at hotels, I have my own private space with a great variety of equipment. I have new bondage furniture on the way. I will have officially been practicing as a Domme for 6 years this summer. And demand is high. In order to properly compensate Myself for My labor and to maintain my growth and well-being, I will be increasing My rates on May 1st, the 1st anniversary of ((O)) STUDIO.


How much is the increase?

Starting May 1st, all sessions will be $450/h. 1-hour sessions will be $500/h.

I’ve seen you before, can I be grandfathered in?

If you have seen Me at least once in the past year before May 2024, you may be grandfathered into the old $400/h rate.

This means that if you haven’t seen Me before, April is the last month you can see Me at My current rate (and you may get grandfathered in). Better hurry up! Because My schedule is going to fill up very fast.


I look forward to more depraved play in April, I can hardly wait. :) To book now, click here to fill out My form.


-Mx Violeta

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