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COVID-19 Protocol

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Hello, all! Now that I'm settled, refreshed, and open for in-person sessions, I'm going to talk about health and safety.


Masks: A face mask with no air valve is required. Both you and I will be wearing them. Please make sure that you're wearing it correctly over your mouth and nose (here's a handy guide by the CDC on how to properly put on a face mask). It goes without saying, but spit play and gags are out of the question. I'll be wearing nitrile gloves at all times and changing them often.

Monitor your symptoms: Okay, this applies with COVID and no COVID. Don't go see a dominatrix if you're sick. Don't go anywhere if you're sick. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, even if they may seem like allergies or the flu, stay at home and reconsider for another day when you're NOT sick. If you've already scheduled and you're feeling symptoms come up, please message Me ASAP so we can reschedule.

I'll have a forehead thermometer handy and scan your temperature. If you appear to the session with a fever or a persistent cough I'll send you home, with no refund, and no seeing Me again. Ever.

As for Me: I test Myself every single week and as of this writing, I am scheduled for My first COVID-19 shot on April 15th. After I'm vaccinated, you do not need to wear a face mask for O/our sessions (source: CDC). Even before COVID, I sanitize My space and tools with Cavicide, a medical-grade disinfectant that kills TB, HIV, herpes, influenza, salmonella, and yes, coronavirus. After the Cavicide does its job, anything that can be boiled is boiled, and what can't be boiled is wiped down with 70% alcohol. Once the whole dungeon smells like an operating room, I know My work is done.

With all of that said, even if you're vaccinated, please wear a mask and maintain social distance for the time being until we reach mass immunization, as it is still not clear whether vaccinated people can still transfer the disease onto other people.

Stay safe,


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