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COVID-19 Protocol + My Regular Cleaning Procedure

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Hello, all! Now that I'm settled, refreshed and open for in-person sessions, I'm going to talk about cleanliness. I'm conjoining My regular cleaning protocol in this blog post along with My COVID-19 protocol so you can notice what has always been (and will remain) constant whenever I play with one of My devotees.





I'm taking cue from Petra Hunter's COVID-19 protocol with a few modifications.

To start off, I'll be spacing sessions two weeks away from each other, and I'll have 1 designated day in the week for sessions. This is not only for safety, but for the amount of time it takes for Me to drive to Boston.

Masks: A face mask with no air valve is required. Both you and I will be wearing them. Please make sure that you're wearing it correctly over your mouth and nose (here's a handy guide by the CDC on how to properly put on a face mask). It goes without saying, but spit play and gags are out of the question. I'll be wearing nitrile gloves at all times and changing them often.

Monitor your symptoms: Okay, this applies with COVID and no COVID. Don't go see a dominatrix if you're sick. Don't go anywhere if you're sick. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, even if they may seem like allergies or the flu, stay at home and reconsider for another day when you're NOT sick. If you've already scheduled and you're feeling symptoms come up, please message Me ASAP so we can reschedule.

I'll have a forehead thermometer handy and scan your temperature. If you appear to the session with a fever or a persistent cough I'll send you home, with no refund, and no seeing Me again. Ever.

For Travelers: I much rather see people that have remained in the New England area, but I am willing to see travelers only if they have traveled privately by car. Since every city and state has their own rules and level of spread, plus the added extra risk of traveling, I have a 3 hour minimum for out-of-town clients.

As for Me: I limit the amount of time that I go out. I only go out for groceries and errands sometimes, but not much since My partner handles all of that once a week while I work at home. Once in a while I'll go out to hike on a vast, solitary mountain trail where there's no people. When out, I always wear a mask, honor social distancing, and wash My hands frequently. I am sensitive to smells, meaning that if there is a strong scent such as cologne, perfume, detergent, cleaning agents, etc, I will go into an allergy fit. Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne during O/our time together.


During play, I always use gloves and condoms whenever necessary. If there is some sort of wound, like say, the aftermath after a heavy impact session, you fell and scraped your knee, or I tweezed your balls and you drew blood, I have a first aid kit handy with alcohol, iodine, triple antibiotic, band-aids, gauze, and more.

After playtime is done, I put on My trusty black nitrile gloves and grab My best friend: CaviCide. CaviCide is a medical-grade disinfectant that kills Tuberculosis, Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. CaviCide is used in operating rooms, laboratories, and your friendly neighborhood dungeon. I also have 70% alcohol in hand (read here so you can know why 70% alcohol is better than 90% alcohol as a disinfectant).

I then go as follows:

Impact Toys: Depending on the material, I use either CaviCide (Silicone, plastic, wood, rubber) or 70% Alcohol (Leather, because CaviCide wrecks leather) and let it sit out for 5 minutes so the disinfectant can go do its thing, and wipe it down. In the case for leather floggers, I twirl it around after disinfecting it so it speed dries in order to avoid any damage. It's the most fun part of clean up!

Gags: Lots of CaviCide, 5 minutes, wipe it down well.

Bondage equipment (restraints, collars, etc): Same as impact toys, I will use 70% alcohol on leather and CaviCide on everything else. Wait 5 minu- look, you know the process by now.

Additional note: I have a new full set of vinyl restraints! Vinyl is great because besides looking sexy as hell, it's even better for sanitizing because it's not porous at all. Thanks, Purple Passion!

Rope: Throw it in a hot wash with mild unscented soap.

BDSM furniture (benches, swings, crosses, etc): Wipe down, a good ol' spritz of CaviCide, wait 5 minutes and wipe down.

Once the dungeon smells like an operating room, I know that My work is done. I put everything away, and I'm done for the day. This has always been My process, and I'll always continue this process, especially during this time.

Stay safe,


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