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Coronavirus and Other Situations.

It's been a while since I've written on here, and boy, has the world flipped upside down ever since then. COVID-19, most commonly known as the Coronavirus, has shaken up the planet to its core. I feel like I do not need to elaborate more regarding COVID-19, because I assume that anyone that is reading this does not live under a rock and has easy access to Google and social media. With that said, I am hoping that everyone that is able to socially separate is doing so, as I am also participating in social separation for the wellbeing and consideration of those that are more vulnerable to this disease.

There's another part to this story as well. On March 12, Alberto Fernández, the current President of Argentina, declared a total lockdown of the country which included banning the entrance of all international flights. On top of that, a nationally mandated social separation was put into place on March 20, prohibiting people from leaving their homes except for necessities such as groceries and medicine. If they leave their homes for any other reason, even if it's by car, there can be legal repercussions such as fines and jail time. There is speculation that the government mandated quarantine may last longer. It goes without saying that I will not be going to Argentina this month and My trip is postponed until further notice.

I look at this situation with a kind eye, as I will dedicate My time inside to making dirty films, expanding My knowledge, and spending time with My art. Once this imposed isolation is lifted in three weeks, I will start seeing local clients only. I will not take travelers until most cases are recovered on a national level. I am inspired by Mercenary Mistress's rigid protocol regarding post-quarantine sessions and will be following suit. Quoted from Her Instagram:

"After 3 weeks isolation submissives will be put through a rigid protocol that EXCEEDS CDC recommendations for handling ill people. These measures will apply to both of us for your safety as well. You will need to purchase and wear a fresh N95 mask and nitrile gloves. I will remotely watch you clean your face and hands before wearing the mask. With mask and gloves on you may safely enter my [space] without breaking your quarantine. I will supply Hibiclens, Isopropyl alcohol, Cavicide and gloves. I will be wearing a mask and gloves also. I will re-clean your implements in front of you for confirmation. You will bring no outside materials, including clothes and shoes. You strip at the door. Absolutely no open mouths in my studio, until all cases are resolved. [..]" - Mercenary Mistress

This is indeed a difficult time and I am willing to implement the necessary measures to ensure the collective health and safety of you, Me, and everyone else.

In the meanwhile, I am providing new services such as custom clips, which can be requested directly through My Custom Clips page. I am in the process of recording new video content, which should be up in about a week or two. I am available for both call/texting on SextPanther and strictly calls on NiteFlirt. I also have an OnlyFans and AVN Stars in which I post daily content that features My session footage, risqué selfies, behind-the-scenes pictures, as well as travel vlogs and other curious things. I also accept gifts through purchases from My wishlists and Amazon Giftcard (please keep the note discreet, no "Thank You Mistress", "Your faithful slave", or any of that. Use common sense.)

With all of that said, I hope that all of you are abiding by your quarantine and are staying safe and healthy. Video call your friends, watch some Netflix, do some yoga, play Animal Crossing, and STAY INSIDE! We can all get through this together.

Elbow bump,


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