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The world is at an imbalance, and Femme Domination brings a taste


I truly believe and embrace FEMALE SUPREMACY. Men, in most cases, are the weaker gender. Some men like being and are capable of being Dominant, earning large sums of money, supporting many wives and mistresses. The rest are weak and need to be submissive. Particularly if they are going to be in the presence of a Dominant Woman such as myself. Their destiny is to cater to the whimsical desires of Dominant Women such as myself. If you choose to contact ME it is because you are a submissive, masochist and/or a slave. If you decide to enter into a relationship with ME, you understand that MY wishes and desires always come first. The first principle of our contractual relationship is that you do what I say, you answer what I ask, I do not want to hear excuses and it is always your fault. This is unfair? Yes it is. You give me your power because you cannot use it wisely and you trust me to take care of you. You also know that the only way that a young, highly intelligent, educated, beautiful woman would ever be near a weak man such as you is because you let me be the Dominant Woman that I am.

While I have been a professional Domina for the past eight years, I have been manipulating men much older than myself with my beauty and charm since early childhood. Over eight years I have established a harem of well-behaved, wealthy, gentlemen who meet some of my plethora of needs. Once we agree to meet, what I dictate to you is your LAW! I expect that my submissives, masochists and slaves adhere to my high standards at ALL TIMES. Since My time is limited, I will punish those that do not follow my rules and ultimately dismiss frequent offenders. I have ZERO tolerance for insubordination and disobedience. Violate my rules or act inappropriately and you will be quickly discarded. If you serve me well, I will treat you better than you could possibly take care of yourself and most likely better than anyone has taken care of you in your pathetic life up until now.

Domination is a lifestyle for me. I gain immense satisfaction accepting the gift of power from my clients. Inflicting pain on my masochists, mental anguish on my submissives, complete ownership on my slaves and humiliation on my sluts. MY world is a place where My laws, desires and wishes rule but I am also able to attract enough men to meet my voracious and varied appetites.

Your true happiness can be reached entering my world and becoming my puppet. Dangle from my “string” mesmerized by the strength of MY soul, character, beauty and training. You're happiness depends upon surrendering your will to MY whims and desires, putting me first rather than your ego in your thoughts and actions.

The reason men are the weaker gender is that most men cannot control their sexual urge. They have no control over their phalluses, their mouths, and their behavior when it comes to sex. The more beautiful the woman, the more insane and abnormal their behavior around them. Most men just are unable to mature emotionally past adolescence when it comes to sex. The growth of the money spent on pornography underscores this point. No matter how ardently society and religion might try to dictate differently, something deeply rooted psychologically makes men desperate to subordinate themselves to a powerful woman. These desires tend to grow stronger as a man grows older, often when a mother or grandmother is no longer around and wives only want to mother their own children. Grown men are invited to enter a discreet world of FEMALE SUPREMACY AND DOMINANCE, where their sexual fantasies can safely be entertained and the opportunity to please their beautiful Mistress is available.

If the above is of interest to you I welcome you to contact me. Please remember to be concise, polite and courteous.

Dominantly yours,

Mistress Barbarella

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